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Sometimes, I amaze myself with how well quickly made costumes turn out. Obviously, I’m on some kind of Kuroshitsuji kick because this is the second one I’ve made in the past year. This outfit will be retailored to fit my brother so I’ll never wear it again!

I documented a lot of the construction details on WordPress but here’s a summary:

1) I made the shirt out of white muslin, keeping in mind with the time period and the weather. The collar would not lie right, so I added in darts to the front of the shirt. Unfortunately, that also brought in the shoulders so it’s a little strange to wear it. It fits my brother perfectly though, which is a good thing.

2) The vest is made of heather gray suiting in the front and high quality black lining. The collar is black suiting and is a little derpy because my reference pictures kept changing hahaha. Oddly enough, when Zwei wears it, it looks less derpy… probably because he’s flat as a board and I am not. There is a tie in the back made of sheer cording I found in the trim section of Jo-ann’s.

3) I eyeballed the pants from a pair of shorts and made them from black suiting. They are literally the most COMFORTABLE pants I’ve ever made. Cuff details are gray suiting with gold and silver buttons.

4) I made the tie from sheer 1 and 1/2 ” ribbon with white stripes. The ribbon is gathered together and made of two pieces. I attached a matching silver and gold button to the front and made a loop in the back for the black cord to slip through. The black neck tie is actually leftover cord from the vest.

5) The gloves, eye patch, and silver ring were bought. I’m also wearing thigh-high stockings and knee high boots.

6) After all these years, I think I finally got the wig styled correctly. :O

Awards: never!

Worn: at a photoshoot.


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