ciel phantomhive [paper boy] | kuroshitsuji

I first put this together New Year’s Eve 2011 to wear for Portal’s Sherlock Holmes mystery dinner party. I bought the shirt and jeans at Ross and I already had the hat from Target. Originally, I had a black vest from Burlington’s Coat factory as well. I bought brown lace-up boots from Macy’s and suspenders from Burlington’s.

When Halloween came around last year, I quickly made the vest out of heather brown suiting, black suiting, and lining and purchased the white ribbon. I ordered purple contacts for another cosplay I meant to do for Halloween that I never got to finish for the holiday. Of course, I already had a Ciel wig.

It’s mostly a closet cosplay. I have every intention of making a hat to match the vest but that’s so far on the backburner, it’s not even a priority.

Awards: never!

Worn: Oklahoma State Anime Society Halloween Party 2012


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