a measure of growth

Sometimes, I look back at my old work and I can’t believe that I made so many mistakes. Now that I’m more experienced, I’d like to go back and redo things. When I remade my hanami dress, it was so thrilling to see my work as I always envisioned it, things that a novice could not know how to do without either a mentor or practice.

But that’s almost impossible with the onslaught of projects I already have and with being enrolled in graduate school in the fall.

As a way of wishful thinking, here’s my list of the cosplays I’d like to redo:

  • Alice: I said it before, but what the hell was I thinking when I made that? Obviously, I just wanted the outfit. This is the one that will most likely be redone within the next year because I want to revisit Pandora Hearts.
  • Sakura: Her princess clothing wasn’t bad for a beginner, but the skirt isn’t even hemmed for goodness’s sakes.
  • Elizabeth Midford: I have no idea where her party dress went but I’d like to redo Lizzy on principle.
  • Sora: I bet you weren’t expecting to see this one on the list. I bought my Sora cosplay but I’d like to make it by myself next time. I bet I can get it more accurate too.
  • Kairi: Kairi’s always on my list.
  • Ash: I always said I’d redo it with actual pockets.

Furthermore, here’s my list of cosplays that need to be fixed:

  • Sakura: I’m actually still fixing her so meh. She’s only on the list on principle.
  • Allen: He is in dire need of help.
  • Agito: A lining would be nice on that jacket
  • Ciel: Needs a hat.  And maybe the right pants.

Sometimes, I wished I wasn’t so meticulous. Then I’d get a lot more stuff done faster.


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