vanellope | day two + three + four

I’m combining the last few days into one post because I worked solely on her skirt and it was more time consuming. I’ll upload pictures and maybe a tutorial later.

Anyways, on day two, I hemmed the layers of the skirt and ironed the pleats in. Easy enough.

Day three is where all my troubles began.

Initially, I tried to gather the pleats like in a cartridge pleating technique but that failed epically. Then I tried to do something like a cheer skirt which also failed epically given the style of pleats. Then I got it set to where the ridges were sewn flat to the waistband and the valleys of the pleats still were able to fall inward.

I sewed the two layers of the skirt with all its flat pleating together before encasing the elastic waistband in fabric and attaching it to the skirt. I forgot I intended to put in a cotton liner, so I used my ruffle foot set at 6 to gather a similarly cut piece of cotton.

From there, I hid the seams of the “outer” skirt by reverse sewing the lining.

I haven’t had time to dig through all my boxes for the liquid interfacing I bought last summer for Allegretto. Once I find it, I’ll be using it to re-iron the pleats so they always retain their folded shape.

The nice thing about this skirt is that it flares out perfectly, like a Reese’s cup.

I’ll post pictures later! I’m in a hurry right now. :/


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