elizabeth | day one

On Wednesday, I went and bought everything for the outer layer of Lizzy’s Campania dress!

A few weeks ago, Zwei and I went and scoped out colors for the dress. The nice thing about black and white images is that you can choose your color scheme. The bad thing about black and white images is that you don’t know what color everything is.

For Ciel, I chose a blue, gray, and black scheme because I felt it expressed the somber mood of the entire arc. In the past, Toboso Yana usually had opposite color schemes for Ciel and Lizzy; for their Easter outfits, Ciel is black with a touch of gold while Lizzy was gold with a touch of black. I tried to keep that same idea going but I also wanted to foreshadow Lizzy’s character development [or reveal].

That being said, for everything colored black, I went with a charcoal gray suiting, mostly because it matched well with the blue and gray heather suiting I already picked out. For everything colored white, Zwei, Laura, and I debated whether or not it would be better white or dove gray. I ended up choosing the dove gray for the underskirt because I liked the idea of going lighter as you traveled inward through the layers. I found black scallop lacing for the front, and a crown lacing for the scallops on the skirt. Since there are tiny black buttons on the back, I bought tiny black buttons. The only thing I didn’t buy were the four buttons on the front of the dress; I’m still playing with the idea of matching buttons to Ciel’s suit.

The ruffled petticoat, bloomers, chemise, and corset will be white, as per Victorian era. I haven’t bought the fabric for all that yet because I couldn’t remember what kind of muslin I bought for Ciel’s shirt and I wanted it to match. Besides, it was also really cheap.

I probably won’t work on Lizzy until I come back from Japan, but if I have time tomorrow, I might start on her. I still have to sort through everything from Ciel and pull the matching fabrics.


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