vanellope | day five

On Thursday, I used my most recent sweatshirt as the pattern for Vanellope’s sweater. Granted, that was a stupid idea since Vanellope’s sleeves are looser near the wrist and tighter near the shoulders and my pattern was the exact opposite.

I cut everything out in white and teal, sewed it all together using a zigzag stitch, and put the two layers together. Everything looks fantastic except for the sleeves but I am beyond the point of caring. After all, most hooded sweaters are like this, so I justified my deviation by claiming to follow the pattern. It doesn’t look terrible and I’m thankful for the extra room.

I still have to cut the collar line in the front of the sweater, cut out the hood and pocket, and dye the cord. I suppose I should do all that today, but I’m feeling frilly so I’m working on Lizzy instead.

So much for having Vanellope done by this weekend. :/


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