vanellope | day something. I’ve lost track

I got back from Japan last week and have been hard at work to finish Vanellope despite the fact I’ve been sick.

Last night, I finally finished her dreaded hoodie! For something so simple, it was a lot of work.

I attached the hood before adding in a band to the edge to encase the pull tie and create the neckline. The v-neck was the hardest thing because it would not lie flat.

After doing so, I hammered in extra large eyelets to protect the fabric from fraying where I would insert the cord. Then, I covered each eyelet with thread so it would blend in with the fabric. That took me almost three days to do. Each eyelet also had to be reinforced with interfacing.

I had dyed the cord fuschia before I left, so all I had to do was pull it through the eyelets and sew the end to the interfacing. This was, it would stay in place and not create bumps in the hoodie. For the hood, I pulled it through and tied knots in the end. Pretty self-explanatory. Because the band is not closed off from the hood, I put in a running stitch at the seam between the band and hood to hold the drawstring in place.

After that was done, all that was left was to sew the wristbands and waist band. I folded fabric in half before sewing it with a zigzag stitch to both layers. If I’ve got time, I’ll go back with Laura’s serger and finish the raw edge.

All that’s left is to paint the leggings, which I bought in the Philippines, get shoes, and style/decorate the wig.

I’m starting on Ralph today because I’ve got less than four days to work on him!



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2 responses to “vanellope | day something. I’ve lost track

  1. This was a fun read (well, minus the sickness part)! Will you be showing photos of what it looks like?

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