vanellope and ralph | the end

You always know when it’s almost time for con because updates just stop.


Michael handed me my wig–Arda’s Jeannie. I started sewing in buttons and beads for her candy but I’m not done so you can expect a progress report on that actually.

I painted my one-shade-off leggings my taping my legs and getting a roller filled with fabric paint. Then, I ran it up and down my legs. Easy enough, right? I have to go back and touch up spots but that’s for later.


What is there to say about Ralph? I made a pair of overalls way too big and told him to deal with it. 😛

Then again, he never met with me for a fitting so it’s not my fault, really.


This is a project I’d like to revist and will do so this November with my good friend Kusari Cosplay of Hikaru Creations as Taffeta. Then, I’ll fix up the little things so look out for my weekend reports.

For something so easy, it was an exhausting effort. Geez. I need to remember why I should never underestimate projects in the first place.


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