halloween 2013

Halloween is probably on the list of favorite holidays for every cosplayer. Last year, I threw together a really quick paper boy Ciel from Kuroshitsuji.

As I’m living with Sarah this year, we decided on doing a perennial favorite of many people, a series that seems to be in the repertoire of every cosplayer in existence.

Sunrise’s Code Geass.

It is a well-known fact that I am a particular sucker for CLAMP works. Years ago, when Portal was in that awkward phase of being split into two groups, the underclassmen [coughcoughDEANNAcoughcough] chose Geass as our series before switching to the slightly simpler Tsubasa. However, my interest had been piqued though it took me several years before I could sit down and watch the series in its entirety.

I’d always liked C.C. though I was originally chosen to cosplay Nunally. After much debate with Sarah, who already cosplayed Zero in the past, I settled on C.C. because I still want to cosplay her in the future!

I’ll be making her dress from R2. Sarah bought my wig as an exchange for me purchasing her Haruhi wig over the summer and it’s coming in the mail soon! I’m looking into finally buying a serger–I really like the Brother Project Runway serger but the Brother 1034D is so much cheaper and widely available. It’ll be difficult to distinguish between all our stuff because Laura has the same model… TIME TO DECORATE!

Hopefully, with this serger, making C.C. will be a breeze, especially with those spandex knit layers underneath.

As a favor to Bekah, because I made the poor girl wear THE BITCH, I’m helping her out with her Halloween costume, Officer Kaitlin from LoL. This serger will definitely help with that outfit as C.C. has lining everywhere and will require my sewing machine for the most part.

Ahhh!!! I’m excited. I can’t start until I get paid tomorrow but ahhhh!!!!



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