c.c. | day two

So yesterday, I crashed Laura’s house and borrowed her serger for like… two hours or so.

I was feeling pretty accomplished because I had been mentally patterning and cutting all the white underlayers for C.C. on my way home from Stillwater and managed to cut it all in one attempt.

Used a pair of Soffe shorts to pattern my shorts after. They’re cut a little strange at the hem but I really don’t care actually. I serged everything and will sew the hemline down with a zigzag stitch once I get into Stillwater on Sunday. I still need to add a gold button to the waistline through.

The shirt was pretty much the same thing and patterned off a t-shirt. I always have a tendency of overextending my shoulders so I cut those correctly after I tried it on. Although C.C. does not have a band at the bottom of her shirt, I’m adding one in because I’m bigger in the chest than she is and it will make me feel secure.

I managed to serge the collar on inside out, so my brother seam ripped it off for me and I’m heading back to Laura’s tomorrow to serge the collar back on, serge the armholes, and attach the bottom band.

So far, so good. I also ordered contacts from Pinky Paradise today and found a pair of heels at Payless that might work. I’m still trying to decide how to go about her boots after all. There’s this one cosplayer on cosplay.com who made shoe covers over a pair of heels and they looked pretty good so I might do something similar with my own.


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