c.c. | day three + caitlyn | day one

Went back over to Laura’s and finished up serging everything. For some reason, her serger didn’t really like the knit I was using that day (it worked perfectly fine on Friday), especially when I was serging a single layer but meh. Whatever.

There’s a couple of frayed spots where the machine missed the collar but even after going over it a second time, it still didn’t help much. Once I tack it down with my sewing machine, the seams will finally come together.

Still have to turn down and sew the hems on the sleeves and shorts. The shorts still look weird to me but that’s probably only when I look at them on my bed and not on me.

Later that day, Kira and I got together and hashed out her Officer Caitlyn cosplay. It’s going to be a pretty simple job since the only things I have to make are the jacket and the skirt. The jacket will present the biggest challenge though because of the way it’s cut in the front.

Another cool thing she brought up was Portal doing LoL one day. It’s funny she says that because last summer, after Eternal Sonata, we talked about doing it too. I don’t know if we can ever convince Laura to do it with us, but the guys, for once, are totally onboard.

We also discussed going to Izumicon on Saturday together… man it’s been a long time since Kira’s cosplayed and gone to a con! I’m excited now and uber pumped!


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