haku | day one

It’s finals week guys! PROCRASTINATION TIME FTW.

Rin suggested I do a myriad of characters on a random facebook status, but the one that really stuck out to me was Haku from Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. I’ve always wanted to cosplay someone from a Ghibli film so what better time than now?

After finding a ridiculously helpful reference picture of all the layers and staring at screencaps for hours on end, I went home last weekend, got my sewing machine and dug out a bag of fabric I originally bought for Peacemaker‘s Tetsu. A couple years ago, I used the white fabric to make Hitsugaya and saved the rest of it for just in case but the light blue perfectly matched that of Haku’s so I decided to use it.

To my surprise, I found a bundle of navy blue fabric with it–something I also needed for Haku!

After posting this, I’m going to figure out how much fabric I need, run to the fabric store and buy a half yard of lavender and a crap ton of white cotton. Then it’s crafting time!

I’m so excited to do this… I think I need to work on something easy to remind myself that I love making cosplays for a reason.


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