haku | day… something. eight?

So I’ve been terrible about keeping this updated but I’ve been on a working rampage this past week that it’s been hard to stop and write.

I cut the undergarments sometime before I left for home and started sewing that night while marathoning through Shingeki no Kyojin. I finished the underpants when I got home… after Christmas? I think.

Ran to the fabric store sometime to pick up a new pair of fabric scissors and elastic for the outer layers of pants. Sat in front of my TV on Friday and Saturday and sewed all my pre-cut layers. To my delight, everything worked out perfectly. I uploaded this shameless selca to instagram and sent it to Rin on Sunday morning.

Continuing on Saturday night, I started patterning and cutting out the outer robe. This is going to be the most difficult piece of the whole damn outfit and to me, it’s the one piece that makes or breaks the cosplay. I got all the way to attaching the back seam and the collar before calling it quits for the night.

Sunday afternoon, I decided to purchase a dressform and came home with a Dritz Simple Fit in a size small. After setting it up and sort of sizing it correctly [still don’t know if those waist measurements are right but meh], I slipped Haku onto it and started draping what I had of the robe onto it. The sides needed to be trimmed down so I took off almost seven inches of fabric on each side after nearly two hours of contemplating the cut.

I moved onto the sleeves next. First, I experimented with using half the amount of fabric I allotted and cutting the shape. That failed terribly. Next, I used the full length of fabric to play with and started pinning. It’s too loose at the top so before I gave up for the day, I started pinning the sleeves so that it lay closer to my arm rather than it looking like someone forgot to sew a sleeve all the way together. It looks a lot better but it was getting hard to concentrate with Dad watching Heros on Netflix.

I thought about working more on Haku today but I decided I needed a break from this sewing binge so that I can work with a fresh eye and not make stupid mistakes, as I tend to do when doing things like this. Going to organize my room today and hopefully throw out the collection of empty boxes accumulating in my room.


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