2014 plans

It’s obligatory, is it not? Cosplayers always post plans for the year somewhere so people can anticipate future projects.

For me, my lists constantly change. Most of the time, I don’t even make half the things I say I will. This year, I’m going to schedule it a little differently based on events upcoming. My costume set for that event may fluctuate but the events I go to will not.

Hikaruhime’s 2014 Oklahoma Cosplay Shoot – April 19th

  • Matsuoka Gou – probably her school uniform for a little bit before changing to her club uniform.
  • Mikasa Ackerman – Survey Corps
  • Haku [dependent on location. If in Tulsa, Haku may be a serious contender]

Rooster Teeth Expo 2014

  • Ruby Rose

Tokyo in Tulsa 2014

  • Azula – Book Three
  • Elizabeth Middleford – Campania/Bizarre Dolls arc
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Matsuoka Gou
  • Ruby Rose

Anime Fest 2014

  • Fiora

I’m not even sure if I’m actually going to A-Fest or not. It really depends on how my thesis goes this summer and when my first committee meeting is. RTX may also be up in the air for me because of said thesis.

Tonight, I’m helping Sarah dye wool for Haythem and I’m thinking about busting out my mannequin and sewing machine to work on either Haku or Lizzy. I haven’t really decided yet. Haku frustrates me with his sleeves so I might work on Lizzy to give myself some distance.


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