gou | day one

Everyone and their mother knows I love Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. My forever favorite is Haru but I never thought I could pull him off.

However, my other forever favorite is Gou so fifty dollars later, I’m left with a pile of fabric, notions, and dye, and yet I’m still missing things.

Despite the fact that I may not make it to Hikaruhime shoot, Lizzie apparently wants to practice photography so I will make Gou anyways.

I haven’t done my sketches yet and I’ll sit down and do that after I write this.


  • Black posh lining: I loved how soft it was but I was completely unwilling to spend five dollars a yard for it. Turns out, the regular basic lining was the same price so I went with this one in the end.
  • Medieval Blue Executive Suiting: You can make a blazer out of anything really. I chose to go with suiting because it looks nice when pressed. Unfortunately, this was the darkest blue I could find and I’ll have to treat it with a black wash to darken the color.
  • Potting Soil Target Bottomweight: I know, unusual choice for a skirt. Having worn a uniform skirt for years, I know there’s a certain weight to these things. This was the closest I could get with the correct weight and a texture I liked.
  • Faded Glory Cardigan: I was not going to sit there and knit a damn sweater. I picked up a cream colored one so I could dye it dark gray.

Still need to get a white button down long sleeved shirt, navy knee high socks, black dress shoes, and stuff for her necktie and hair ribbon. I picked out contacts from PinkyParadise and still searching for a wig I really like.

But now, it is time for me to sketch.


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