gou | day four + five

I don’t know what possessed me to do so, but on Tuesday, I came home from the lab and decided “Oh to hell with it. I’m making costumes instead.”

Which is exactly what I did. Finally finished the princess seams on the front of her blazer, cut the pocket welts, put together the sleeves and attached the sleeves to the body. I also cut out the collar and the inner facing of the blazer.

You know, for the last couple things I made, I couldn’t figure out why the hell all of the sudden, my collars would end up too short in the back. Lo and behold, after studying my own blazer, I realized that for the last three years, I forgot the most fundamental thing about them: they curve at the top where the fold over.

Needless to say, I felt like an idiot.

So far, looks good. Been stabbed by pins a couple times but that’s usually the herald to an awesome looking cosplay.

Yesterday, I went shopping for Gou’s school neck tie stuff and bought a couple things to hem jeans with. While waiting for a house-guest, I attached the outside collar, the part you don’t see, to the body of the blazer. I also cut out pockets and started putting them together on the blazer. I’m trying a new method of inserting/creating pockets so we’ll see how it works.

I only got so far as to put together the actual pocket and pinning one welt to the body before I had to go somewhere. When I came back, Sarah was almost done pinning Anthony’s pants and we tested the denim needle I bought earlier. So far so good!


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