gou | day six

Last night, I accomplished a lot! Sewed down the pockets and welts, cut the sleeves and the lining, and opened up the seams for buttons. I also put together the lining and the blazer but I messed up and put the excess lining on the outside of the lapel and not the inside. I knew something was wrong.

Looking at my reference, I completely overlooked the curve at the bottom front of the blazer so I have to go back and cut that.

I also stopped by the mall with Laura yesterday afternoon and found the PERFECT cardigan at Forever 21. It was a little pricey ($19.80) for something that I would have to dye but upon checking out, the price dropped to $13.60 and I was like O.O

All that’s left on the blazer is to fix the lapels, cut the bottom curve, sew the lining down, and add button holes and it’s ready to dye!


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