gou | day seven + eight

On Tuesday, I finished up the hems and fixed the collar. Initially, I wanted there to be enough suiting at the bottom to fold up and hide the raw edge of the lining but that didn’t exactly work out (I hate oversight sometimes) so I just sewed the two edges together like normal.

Also discovered that I bought the wrong buttons for her blazer so I had to put off sewing in those button holes. I decided against sewing button holes on the cuffs since they are kind of derpy and not exactly they way they should be.

Yesterday, I bought the correct buttons and sewed in button holes for… well… everything. Including my cuffs hahahaha. Then, I tossed in my washer with about 3/4 of a bottle of liquid RIT dye  and hoped for the best.

Sarah and I have been having shit luck with dying things as of late. We’re starting to wonder if its the water in Stillwater or not. But this morning when I woke up and found the blazer I dyed the night before was back to its medieval blue color, I just about swore.

That’s when I started going back to the basics of dyeing? What did I overlook? What fundamental have I forgotten?

I looked at the fiber content of the executive suiting and realized with a groan that it’s 100% polyester… meaning damn near impossible to dye with conventional methods. I started researching methods to dye polyester and came across two promising techniques.

1) Jacquard’s iDye Poly dye. The most promising and probably the most easily accessible. Unfortunately, I need to buy a bigger pot.

2) Alcohol and RIT dye. The concept is similar to wig dyeing but I’d like to avoid rubbing alcohol as much as possible.

When I get home from lab, I’m heading to Jo-ann’s to get the dye and Wal-mart to buy the pot. With any luck, my blazer will be black by the end of tonight!

Man, I should have just bought black fabric instead of trying to be schmancy-fancy and dyeing blue fabric darker. What a joke.

But I’m telling you, it’s not black!


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