gou | day nine + ten + eleven

To my luck, the local Jo-Ann’s had the Jacquard iDye Poly I needed for my last dyeing attempt. I bought a packet in black, followed the directions, and used the pot Choua ruined cooking noodles last semester to dye in and a pair of disposable chopsticks.

I got distracted and didn’t quite remember when I put in the fabric but it was doomed from the start. I put in way too much water and in an attempt not to spill it all out, I gingerly stuffed the blazer in only to create giant air pockets.

Talk about a disaster.

I must have only dyed it for fifteen or twenty minutes thinking on it but impatience got the best of me. I pulled it when I deemed it black enough and proceed to create a black disaster in my white kitchen.

Thank God Sarah and Chetana were around. Sarah brought in the spare dye bucket we had from the porch and Chetana went to store to get bleach. We rinsed it out a bit using detergent per instructions and hung it out to dry outside to prevent dye from dripping all over.

The next morning, I went about ironing my beautiful black blazer when two things happened: I noticed uneven spots and my fingers (and consequently, my ironing board) were coated in black. The flash on my phone could barely detect the uneven spots so I wasn’t too worried about that part but the black dye coating my fingers was of definite concern.

When I came home from the lab, I submerged it again in a detergent rinse and hoped for the best. The rinse turned pitch black and I tossed the blazer in the washing machine to get out the excess detergent. I hung it up to dry once again and did wet fabric comparisons. Again.

This morning, I checked the blazer one last time, bracing myself to start all over. To my relief, the blazer was the perfect shade of navy. You can really see the color comparisons throughout the entire dyeing process here:


Just need to tack down the inside panel, sew on buttons, and iron on the patch from Quid Vis? and the blazer is done!


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