gou | day fourteen + and then some

I ordered Gou’s contacts last week and today her wig is arriving.

I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get home.

I’m also being called to judge a cosplay contest this weekend and I have no idea what to wear! I’m thinking Gou but her contacts won’t arrive until Monday and then I thought C.C. since I’ve only worn her once but she’s not my best work and a judge should always put her best foot forward, you know? I’d wear Ciel, but again, I don’t have blue contacts anymore. FML

What to do…?

In the mean time, last night, I worked on Gou’s skirt. I was about to attach the waistband to the skirt when I accidentally broke the needle of my machine. Oops.


I found a long-sleeved button down at Target that will work for her, Mikasa, and the Ashford Academy uniform (if I decide to make a whole other costume in twenty-four hours). I’m going to pick it up on my way back to Stillwater.

I think I’m going to just redo the blazer. The shoulders sit funny, I don’t like the way the back puffs up, and the color/texture just bothers me. What I will probably end up doing for the sake of time is take my current blazer apart, use the outside as a pattern (WITH MODIFICATIONS OF COURSE), and keep the lining.

I’m going to just have to suck up the cardigan issue too. I can’t keep buying cardigans dammit.

Other than that, the only thing really left to make is her bowtie and to get socks and a blue hair ribbon and Gou is pretty much done.

Oh, and put on all the details.



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