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Sooo… it’s been kind of overwhelming the last few weeks.

Buckle really wants us to start making muslins because it will save us time in actual construction. It seems contradictory but she’s right. In the long term, I’ll also be saving money because I won’t keep having to buy fabric to replace what I’ve botched.

That being said, I’ve purchased approximately 12 yards of muslin.

Made a mock-up of Azula’s pants and undershirt. Need to extend the armhole but so far so good. Just need to make and attach the collar before I start cutting her up.

Sarah and I happen to wear the same size pants, so this mock-up will be used for Iroh as well.

We did make-up tests of our two characters. Azula’s needs a little bit more color in the crease and bronzer in the cheeks but those are easy fixes. We couldn’t decide if our contacts would pop enough but we figured make-up and lighting will take care of that.

I decided to remake Gou’s blazer entirely. Her wig needs to be darkened as well but I’m more concerned about her blazer. I returned the shirt I bought because I just wasn’t entirely happy with my choice. I’m going to drape the blazer pattern from my existing blazer and hope for the best.

Bought materials for SSBM yesterday. I’m trying not to think about it.

The schedule is lagging terribly behind but oh well. I’ve got a dinner picnic and then it’s down to business on the rest of Azula tonight.


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