azula | day four

Made a mock-up of the outer layer of armor (apron) last night. I spent Tuesday night making a new pattern for her shirt because I’ve decided that going with a traditional kung fu shirt is probably what she’s wearing (not that we’d ever know since it’s mostly covered up but I’m going by what we can see).

Put all the muslin layers on and so far so good. I need to bring up the collar in the front, cut the length of the sleeves and shirt, and add pockets to the pants and darts to the waist of the apron. I’ll probably also have to reshape the top of the apron but I’m holding off on that until I get the breast plate made.

We were watching Book III and I noticed that Zuko’s armor and shoulder plates are a single piece going over the head. I need to redo my design to account for that but I’m still mystified as to how that can be when the shoulder plates move so fluidly with the body.

I guess I’ll know when I start making patterns of the armor.

Still behind schedule but going a lot faster than before. Today I’m dedicating to working on Gou.


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