azula | day five + six + seven + eight and iroh | day two + three + four

To sum it all up, we managed to get all the fabric portions cut and ready to sew. The hardest and most expensive part so far was dyeing the white sateen orange-gold.

It was the one color I fussed over the most because orange looks absolutely horrendous on me majority of the time. Sarah and I went through salmon, tangerine, burnt orange, before finally settling on peach. After that, we took a page out of Buckle’s book and used a mixture of gold, cinnamon red, orange, and brown to darken the peach to orange gold.

Sarah noticed I really only used a yard of the three and a half yards I bought. All that work for so little…

I also had Mike spray paint pieces of the peach gold. Usually, I use metallic bias tape, but it was too shiny and I couldn’t find a fabric in a dark enough gold so copying Buckle again fixed that issue.

Sarah also dyed the red sateen wine red.

I’ve got to make the closures, finish the shirt and pants, and attach the trims. Still debating on using lining or the same fabric to face the inside of the apron. Also need to get a zipper for the apron.

Iroh was constructed using my favorite kimono top tutorial by taeliac and the same pants pattern as Azula. Sarah also used the same dye wash to color red flannel darker. It didn’t seem to have much of an effect but it did distress the flannel.

I got to use my new serger on Iroh!

Then, Sarah bought potting soil and mushed the clothes into the dirt and water mix. We left it overnight before rinsing it out and washing it with just water. The dirt is now embedded in the fibers but none of the color remained.

Then, Sarah tried using tea to color it but we had little success.

Ahhhh so frustrating working on AtLA right now. Will work on Gou today because ToyCon is in two weeks!


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