summer 2014 – the aftermath

I’d apologize for not updating but my apologizes would be wasted because… well… I do this kind of thing every summer.

Anyways, here’s a brief summary of what went down this summer:

  • I attended Toycon PH 2014 as casual!Matsuoka Gou and paper boy!Ciel Phantomhive. My brother and I briefly met Jin Joson at the Warner Bros’ booth!
  • I made Sokka, Azula, Iroh, and parts of Sparky Sparky Boom Man for Tokyo in Tulsa 2014. We placed third in the skit contest!
    • Sokka was made using taeliac’s Faki-mono tutorial without sleeves. Chris made his boot covers himself!
    • Azula was a bitch who required a lot of Wonderflex molding and painting. I’m not extremely happy with how she turned out so expect a lot of modifications to her this winter!
    • Iroh was also made using taeliac’s tutorial. The hardest part was distressing red flannel for his blanket.
    • Sparky Sparky Boom Man had pants that did not fit. Just when I thought I had the art of pants making down…
  • I made a facebook account! You can add me as a friend but I encourage you to like my Page instead as I will be posting not only cosplay, but photography, music, and creative writing as well.
  • I served as a guest judge at the Tulsa Maker Faire with my fellow Portal member, Luke, and Hikaruhime of Mythos Creations. I was Haku!

This fall, I’m busy with IRL stuff but I do have the following plans for the next two months:

  • C.C.: the black lily dress from the DVD box set with Rin Hoshino as Euphemia and Savii Sunshine as Suzaku. Initially, I just wanted to take photos of Rin and Savii, but one thing led to another and now I’ve got to convince Sarah she secretly wants to be Lelouch again.
  • Lucy Heartfilia: I’m doing her Heart Kreuz outfit for Halloween! Sarah will be joining me as Leo and one of my friends from school wants to be Gray.
  • Ruby Rose: I’m torn between doing her Vol. 1 or alternate clothing. Kira will be Blake for Tulsa Comic Con

I’m off to go to the store and scope out the sales and buy muslin to make mock-ups of C.C.’s dress!


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