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Woah, long time no see, WordPress! It has been a busy fall so far and it is only going to get busier! I was a guest judge for the Tulsa Cosplay Celebration with Hikaruhime and Saya of Mythos Creations. I wore Lucy for the first time at TCC.

Right now, I am working on a joint project with Portal’s Sarah, and Rin and Savii of Hikaru Creations! We are recreating the Code Geass DVD Box Art drawn by my forever-favorite CLAMP. I call this “black lily” instead of “Mutuality” as it is more commonly known because the entire CLAMP Code Geass art book is called “Mutuality.”

I’ve been trying to get into the habit of spending more time on mock-ups rather than playing with fabric but sometimes, you just gotta do it. The last month and a half was spent slowly creating a muslin of C.C.’s dress and she was nearly done before I just threw my hands up in the air today and said, “Fuck it all!”

Ironically, I did not cut a single piece of fabric. I continued to slave away over my mock-up.

Rin and Savii have already made their Euphemia and Suzaku outfits so Sarah and I really need to catch up! Rin and I chose to work with crepe satin and organza but I am going to have to add satin into my fabric pile to add some weight to my very fluffy dress.

In all honesty, my mock-up is near perfect. Just need to fix the way I cut the corset and sleeves, which I planned to make a muslin of when I get to that part of my dress, and add some body to the ruffles at the bottom of the corset. Currently, I’m switching back and forth between using cotton sateen and satin as the backing.

I’m very excited to work on this dress as a means of trying out some new techniques. I’m going to attempt a lettuce hem on the sleeves, collar, and skirt, make ribbons, and create the illusion of having a loose bodice (I’m slip stitching the crepe/organza to the fitted lining!). For Rachel, I played with different fabrics to achieve texture and that prior experience is going to help a ton.

For Sarah, I’m delighted that she went the whole nine yards and purchased royal velveteen for her jacket! Next week, I’m going to make a complete muslin because that stuff is super expensive and I don’t want to mess up! Her jacket will be lined with anti-static lining to reduce static electricity build-up from the velveteen and her vest will be made of suiting. We haven’t decided what fabric to make the crimson designs on her cosplay out of, but it will most likely be suiting. We’re also going to be constructing that scepter.

Luckily for us, we already have wigs and contacts!

This is supposed to be done for a winter shoot and I’m really starting to feel the pressure with autumn coming to a fast close.


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