c.c. [black lily] | day sixteen + seventeen + eighteen + nineteen + twenty

A long time ago, a girl gave me a bag of materials she no longer needed. It was filled with beautiful trim, plush velveteen, and this strange stiff interface-like material.

That strange interfacing completely saved my ass for Rachel.

I’ve used most of it up and thought it would make a wonderful interfacing for my corset. While going about my weekly build research, I came across this strange material called buckram that used mostly in hats. It required water to mold it over a hat form and I knew it was the material given to me a long time ago due to an unfortunate accident involving Luke and a cup of water.

To my luck, the Stillwater Hobby Lobby carried buckram at a lower price than Jo-ann’s.

I purchased two yards, went home, and cut out the satin, lining, and buckram of my corset. Then, I spent the next day cutting the bodice out of lining. I always struggle with shaping and I still don’t think I got it right, but this is only acting as a support under the loose crepe+organza layer.

The next day, I sewed it each section together and layered them together. Instead of attaching boning to my corset, I sewed it to the lining of my bodice.. I had enough leftover from making my crinoline to put in six bones, but I’m think I need to add more boning to help shape me further. The only way this could have been better is if I used steel spring boning, but I am broke so whatever.

I also serged the crepe+organza bodice and attached the sleeves.

Finally, I could no longer avoid it. It was time to draft the dreaded bell sleeves.

I made four different mockups until I got one I was semi-satisfied with. I went back and forth about a lettuce hem before I just decided to go for it. Unfortunately, I miscalculated and ended up not cutting the edge of my sleeve on the bias. Whoops.

Luckily, I had enough test scraps to see what a lettuce hem looked like. It was exactly what I needed but… I didn’t cut my bodice and sleeves on the bias either.

I had enough crepe+organza to redo the sleeves, bell sleeves, and bodice. At this point, I decided to make the bodice separate from the corset.

Pinned everything up on my form and noticed with a little bit of horror that my corset sleeves are way too high on my shoulders. I now have to cut off the shoulders and reshape them to hit the tip of my shoulders instead. Because I have to add the flounce at the bottom of my corset, add lacing, and bind the edges with satin bias tape, I decided to stop working on the corset until my dress was entirely put together.

It’s so close to being done, and yet so far! T_T


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