judar | day one + two

I had four or six yards of black sateen lying around from Azula (didn’t need as much as I originally calculated for) and I recently got into Magi (hey, it took a lot of convincing and a certain Balbadd arc for me to fall in love with it). My favorite is the fabulous Judar, closely followed by Kougyoku but I’ve had enough of red hair and ornate dresses for the year so Judar became a serious consideration.

While working on C.C., I happened to find a package of gold bias tape and a short black zipper. It was like the cosplay gods were all but whacking me with a stick to make this cosplay. I decided to use the extra two yards of lining from C.C. for Judar instead of lining the skirt.

I made the pants in a night after being completely frustrated with C.C.’s ridiculous corset. I eyeballed the pattern and serged it without trying them on. Even with the added elastic at the ankles and waist, there was still too much fabric to get the right look so I took in four inches from both sides. I intended to add pockets but forgot to the first time around, so having to take in the sides was a blessing in disguise as it allowed me to put my pockets in. Even though pockets are not culturally accurate, some of the recent panels in the manga suggest that Judar may actually have pockets after all.

The only thing I didn’t do was sew the waistband in because of a very important point.

Because Judar’s outfit is so simplistic, a big part of the cosplay is his slim physique and obvious abdominal muscles. Being nearly twenty pounds overweight and entirely self-conscious, I knew there was no way I could bring myself to wear this cosplay no matter how much I loved it. An elegant solution that would kill two birds with one stone was to work out! This is not so much as a NYR, but as a direct order from my physicians (read: my doctor father and therapist mother).

Back to cosplay, the only thing I was missing was an adequate amount of white fabric. I didn’t have enough from previous projects so I went to Jo-ann’s with the intention of finding a white chiffon.

However, chiffon was too sheer for my purpose and David Tutera had a nice stretch taffeta with a texture I liked. They didn’t have it in white and the other whites in the case collection would not suit my needs at all. I did find silk duponi but the $25/yd price tag was a serious issue. Luckily, the bridal collection and duponi were 30% but it was a tough decision to make.

I also picked up another package of gold bias tape in case the one I had ran out. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a seam and running out. I am collecting the Worbla scraps from Azula to make his wand.

I will not work on Judar until after graduation and I am in a little better shape for an accurate fit! But I just couldn’t resist. XD


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