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And here it is! My secret cosplay for spring!!!

I fell in love with Akatsuki no Yona after the first five minutes. It’s everything I love in a story. There’s best friends, tragic loves, political intrigue, mysticism, bishonens, and dragons.

My secret other half must be Yoon because with the amount of marriage proposals we get, we could build our own harems. Not to mention, I take care of most of the things around my apartment. thanks baby roomies.

At the time I started this cosplay, there were only three other people in the world who had ever posted images and WIPs of Yoon. Since this blog is a conglomeration of my progress and workflow, it would only make sense that I write about what I did to build this cosplay.

Let’s begin!


This is Yoon. His anime outfit is colored slightly different from the manga version and the poncho wraps differently around him too. I chose to make the anime outfit because I loved the color scheme more. Also, with the recent completion of the anime and the mass attention Crunchyroll and Funimation has given AnY, I figured this would be a more recognizable outfit. Although in true Callie style, I combined my favorite aspects of each version into one.

Yeah no

Yeah no

For something so simple, the devil lies in the details. Just like Haku.

I chose cottons for the bulk of my materials because this was supposed to be something for fun and not competition. Cottons also come in a wide array of colors which made my job a lot easier. Though if I were to compete in this, I can justify the use of cottons because Yoon is a poor boy living in complete isolation with only Ik-soo for company. Cottons = practicality.

His pants, tunic, sash, and arm warmers are fairly easy to recreate. I put pockets in his pants just so I would have them but I semi-regret doing that because it only made more work for me to get them to lay flat afterwards. The trick to making his tunic sit right is the wide collar that is usually hidden under the poncho. You can really see it in these images:



Here you can see there is one other layer: a khaki or cream colored undershirt depending on the screen shot you pull up. I have one in each color but I think I’ll ultimately wear the cream undershirt. The manga version has three seams running down the front but they don’t appear to serve any kind of purpose so in the interest of time, I didn’t put them in.

I initially wanted a flannel to make his poncho because that’s why he wears it: for warmth. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a blue I liked that matched with the green I ultimately chose so it’s done in cotton. For the fringes, I went with the manga version and used three different shades of blue embroidery floss blended together to bring some depth and interest to the poncho. To attach them, I used my fringe method to make each tassel and knotted small sections. It saved me the trouble of cutting strips of cotton and sealing them with Fray Check even though the fringe method was more time consuming.

For his boots, I didn’t find a pair of tassel boots I liked so I made my own shoe covers. I got tired of buying shoes for cosplay so when my favorite boots finally got a hole in them, I put velcro around the edges of the shoe, and used them as an all-around base shoe for different cosplays. I used suede cloth to make both the boots and the fringe and sealed the edges with Fray Check.

I also used the same suede cloth to make his bag. It is lined in left over khaki cotton I had and fully functional.

Accessory time! I bought small feathers and used some packing foam to build a base for the two “cotton balls” seen at the base of his hair accessory because the feathers I bought wouldn’t fluff out enough. I covered this foam bases with fluffy feather fragments, fluffed them out to make them look organic, and sewed two small feathers. All of this was attached to a wig extension clip. I made the necklace seen in the manga just because I thought it was pretty. :3

I bought aqua blue contacts from Pinky Paradise. Yoon has beautiful sapphire colored eyes and I wanted a set that was subtle enough for every day wear but striking enough to stand out in the light. You can find my review of these lenses here.

The final piece of this cosplay was the wig and it was by far the hardest part of the entire costume. I contacted my good friend Rin for a wig styling commission and we set about finding the perfect wig.

I’m very fond of Epic Cosplay wigs so I went there first. Completely torn between their peach blonde and cocoa brown Apollo wigs, I went to Rin with the problem and we decided on the peach blonde so we could tea dye it a shade darker. But… when I went to buy it, it went out of circulation! Pretty bummed, I searched through Arda, eBay, and Amazon before stumbling across a beautiful wig on the Five Wits. It was a perfect match for color and a little long but nothing a good trim can’t fix.

Rin is a wizard with wigs and I’ve always wanted her to style something for me. Given her love for AnY, I knew she would be the only person I could trust to get this hairstyle right. The day after my wig came in, I went over to her place to have it styled!

It took me about four or five days to make all of this because I was working on my thesis at the same time. I can’t wait until photos from the Oklahoma Cosplay Shoot come in! Many thanks to Ashley for introducing this beautiful tale to me, and to Rin for her assistance with my wig. I dedicate this cosplay to you both!

Ja ne~


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