judar | day three

I need to decide which way I’m going to spell his name… I know it’s supposed to be Judal when you look at the original Persian, but I used the Japanese Judar when I started working on this.

Ugh. I guess Judar it is for consistency’s sake.

Anyways, I bought my wig from Arda on Sunday! It’s their Vegas in black. I also bought a long clip in ponytail for extra wefts in the same color. I’ll be following Malindachan’s tutorial to style my wig but I may make some alterations.

Today, I bought the final piece I needed for Judar and I’m about to start making foam balls!

My friend Shona styled her Judar wig using Christmas ornaments. When I walked into Lowe’s to buy the foam, I got extremely distracted with looking at the ornaments. Lowe’s had some really nice large round ornaments that were the perfect size for the initial segment of his braid but I told myself not to give in on the basis of cost.

I did take note of their size and will be approximating my segments based on the ornament I found.

I’m a real stickler for proportions so  I based everything off that Christmas ornament. It was about 6″ in diameter and to simulate the natural downsizing of a braid, I made balls in decreasing half inch diameters. I drew a template on wax paper and taped it down.  

 Now it was time to spray the foam. I bought two cans of this:

 Not gonna lie, but it looks like a pile of C. diff infected cow shit.  

 I hope that when they’re finally cured, they’ll swell to twice their size. Whatever you do, do not touch them once they start to set! I did that with the big one to try and mold it into less of a pancake shape but almost ruined it instead. 

To pass the time, I decided to work on Judar’s jewelry. I measured the diameter of my wrist and forearm, the length of my forearm, and calculated how wide each band had to be for ten bands and the diameter of each. With the glue side up, I stuck my strips together until I had this:  

It was too short so I added in two more bands. At this point, I knew the only person who would care about the extra bands would be me. 

Then, I overlapped the ends and pressed them together. I rounded the outside edges and pulled where necessary to lengthen the whole piece and make the bands more uniform.  

 It’s a funny shape so I kept heating and molding it with my fingers until I got the desired result. 

One bangle is longer than the other so I have to fix that tomorrow. I set both pieces to cool in the pullout freezer my parents have in the basement where I work which is super handy for small worbla pieces like this. 

Tomorrow, I have to fix the shorter bangle and line the inside with felt or cotton to prevent the thermoplastic from rubbing against my skin and to help hold it in place. 

I checked on the foam circles before I closed up shop and to my delight, they are slowly expanding!  



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