judar | day thirteen + fourteen

I went over to Luke’s this weekend to finish working on Judar. I mainly helped the guys out with their costumes on Saturday and finished all twenty bangles that night.

Thank God.

I have to adjust the size on some of them because they’re too big but that’s something I can do before work every day. I can’t wait to finally prime and paint these.

Sunday, I was able to work on my own costume. I tapered in the sleeves of my choli (and discovered my left arm is actually bigger than my right wtf) and made my chunnari. However, my choli just wouldn’t sit right in the shoulders anymore.

Did I lose that much weight already? Impossible.

Utterly bewildered, I called my bestie Chetana about it. She wears cholis all the time for special occassions and was able to tell me a bit about how they are constructed and worn. I had no idea you are not supposed to see any kind of stitching on them at all.

Also, she couldn’t believe just how scandalously short and inappropriate Judar’s choli was. I told her that I made mine longer because boobs hahahaha.

I put a zipper in the back center seam because she told me that is the design. Additionally, the chunnari isn’t actually a traditional chunnari, more like an infinity scarf. I know from years of watching Chetana and Nikki put on saris that everything in Indian fashion is entirely dependent on how well it fits the body and how well you fold the fabric. She also urged me to sland the chunnari to the back to hide the zipper (since that is what they usually do to hide seams–use jewelry, chunnari, arms, etc.) but that’s no problem because Judar does that anyways!

I had two different sizes of single fold bias taple and after comparing both of them, I went with the the 1/4″ size. After sewing down the initial seam, I looked and realized I should have gone with the bigger size instead. Ugh. Seam ripping.

My choli still fits a little funny in the shoulders and I wonder if that will be fixed if I add in a hook and eye. Maybe I should just add in darts anways.

Ugh. Decisions.

Test fit for the whole thing!

I like how the loose choli gives me a slimmer appearance. Still gotta tone the hell out of my midriff, make my wand and necklace, and finish my wig and bangles!


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