About Callie

Callista Miralni is an amateur photographer, avid cosplayer, practicing musician and creative writer. She can be found in many corners of the web.

She sews all her costumes, except for the ones she receives as a gift from her parents.

Callie is a member of Portal Productions, a US-based cosplay group comprised of her closest friends. For more information about Portal, please visit their homepage.


4 responses to “About Callie

  1. Hope this isn’t prying too much, but what country are you from? Just curious >.>

    • Callista Miralni

      Ahh… the question I never know how to answer. Ethnically, I’m Filipina but I’m an American citizen. I was born in the States though.

      • That’s fine, I have several friends that are of a different nationality but born here, it’s not too uncommon, especially for America. Do you also go to cons in the Philippines?

      • Callista Miralni

        I don’t. The last time I was there was before I started attending cons. I might go to Toycon in 2014 because I’ll be in the country then.

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