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judar | day thirteen + fourteen

I went over to Luke’s this weekend to finish working on Judar. I mainly helped the guys out with their costumes on Saturday and finished all twenty bangles that night.

Thank God.

I have to adjust the size on some of them because they’re too big but that’s something I can do before work every day. I can’t wait to finally prime and paint these.

Sunday, I was able to work on my own costume. I tapered in the sleeves of my choli (and discovered my left arm is actually bigger than my right wtf) and made my chunnari. However, my choli just wouldn’t sit right in the shoulders anymore.

Did I lose that much weight already? Impossible.

Utterly bewildered, I called my bestie Chetana about it. She wears cholis all the time for special occassions and was able to tell me a bit about how they are constructed and worn. I had no idea you are not supposed to see any kind of stitching on them at all.

Also, she couldn’t believe just how scandalously short and inappropriate Judar’s choli was. I told her that I made mine longer because boobs hahahaha.

I put a zipper in the back center seam because she told me that is the design. Additionally, the chunnari isn’t actually a traditional chunnari, more like an infinity scarf. I know from years of watching Chetana and Nikki put on saris that everything in Indian fashion is entirely dependent on how well it fits the body and how well you fold the fabric. She also urged me to sland the chunnari to the back to hide the zipper (since that is what they usually do to hide seams–use jewelry, chunnari, arms, etc.) but that’s no problem because Judar does that anyways!

I had two different sizes of single fold bias taple and after comparing both of them, I went with the the 1/4″ size. After sewing down the initial seam, I looked and realized I should have gone with the bigger size instead. Ugh. Seam ripping.

My choli still fits a little funny in the shoulders and I wonder if that will be fixed if I add in a hook and eye. Maybe I should just add in darts anways.

Ugh. Decisions.

Test fit for the whole thing!

I like how the loose choli gives me a slimmer appearance. Still gotta tone the hell out of my midriff, make my wand and necklace, and finish my wig and bangles!


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judar | day… something. let’s say twelve

I’m so sorry that I have not been updating! December is always really busy and with me working two jobs and going on vacation to bury my grandfather in the Philippines, I didn’t exactly have time to write.

Anyways, I did finish building the base for my wig!


I also painted them black. You can see how the first sphere has a flat back and while I did contemplate buying more foam and fixing it, I decided to leave it to give the braid some support against my back.

I didn’t take pictures of the next few steps because my hands were busy, but I did use thick thread meant to sew heavy fabrics, a long piece of wire, and hot glue to thread them all together. Then, I carved a hole at the top of the braid and glued in a few rows of wefts from a clip in ponytail to start covering the braid. I also took a section of those wefts and looped them through the base of my wig to support the braid.


Tada! All covered up with that initial sections  of wefts. I’m sorry the pictures so blurry!

The wig I ordered still has a rattail of its own, which is braided in this picture and clipped out of the way, so I undid the braid and started covering the spheres with it to lend even more support.

Somewhere along the way, I lost support and now my braid leans a little to the left. :/ I can fix it later on, but it’s just annoying.

Glued and sprayed the rattail down until the fibers ended. I have to go and cut more wefts to continue covering all the bald spots.

In the meantime, I worked on his clothes and abs. I sewed in the elastic waistband to the pants but I know I’ll have to take them in later.


I just love how they turned out! It’s a little awkward to walk in them because the crotch seam is so low but whatever.

I also made his choli. Initially, I wanted to put in my zipper in the side seam, but I don’t know why I cut open the center back seam when I made my pattern.


I also need to taper in the sleeves. No idea why I didn’t even think about that before.

Then, I figured I’d start over on the choli so I could put the zipper in the right spot and taper the sleeves. Bought another yard of sateen and lining, but my pattern would not just come together. It was always too tight in the arms and shoulders no matter what I did. Clearly not an experienced seamstress’s work.

So I went back to my original choli, pinned the center back seam closed and tried it on with my ghetto binder that I also made that same evening. To my frustration, it fits without needing a zipper. I still have the option of adding darts and being able to pull it over my head.

Dude. Why.

I’m just going to taper in the original choli’s sleeves and sew the damn thing shut.

Still need to drop the neckline all the way around. Since I’ve made my binder, I can now figure how low I can drop it without it or any remnant cleavage showing.

I just want to be done with it.

I also went back and worked on his jewelry. I wasn’t particularly happy with how my bangles came out, so I bought a bangle bracelet in the Philippines to use as a curve mold and some spring hinges so I could snap the bangles on and off. However, my initial attempt using recycled worbla from the first batch were completely unsuccessful.

Nuds bought me a sheet of Terraflex and I’m going to roll those into bangles that can slip over my hand instead. I’m still going to use the spring hinges to make my necklace because there’s no other way for me to put it on.

I also found leftover Wonderflex from Azula. I can now make my wand without a 3D printer!

It also just occurred to me that Judar will use nearly every kind of thermoplastic available to cosplayers. The only one I don’t have is Worbla’s Black Art, but what on earth could I use it for in this costume?

Don’t give me ideas. Please.

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judar | day three

I need to decide which way I’m going to spell his name… I know it’s supposed to be Judal when you look at the original Persian, but I used the Japanese Judar when I started working on this.

Ugh. I guess Judar it is for consistency’s sake.

Anyways, I bought my wig from Arda on Sunday! It’s their Vegas in black. I also bought a long clip in ponytail for extra wefts in the same color. I’ll be following Malindachan’s tutorial to style my wig but I may make some alterations.

Today, I bought the final piece I needed for Judar and I’m about to start making foam balls!

My friend Shona styled her Judar wig using Christmas ornaments. When I walked into Lowe’s to buy the foam, I got extremely distracted with looking at the ornaments. Lowe’s had some really nice large round ornaments that were the perfect size for the initial segment of his braid but I told myself not to give in on the basis of cost.

I did take note of their size and will be approximating my segments based on the ornament I found.

I’m a real stickler for proportions so  I based everything off that Christmas ornament. It was about 6″ in diameter and to simulate the natural downsizing of a braid, I made balls in decreasing half inch diameters. I drew a template on wax paper and taped it down.  

 Now it was time to spray the foam. I bought two cans of this:

 Not gonna lie, but it looks like a pile of C. diff infected cow shit.  

 I hope that when they’re finally cured, they’ll swell to twice their size. Whatever you do, do not touch them once they start to set! I did that with the big one to try and mold it into less of a pancake shape but almost ruined it instead. 

To pass the time, I decided to work on Judar’s jewelry. I measured the diameter of my wrist and forearm, the length of my forearm, and calculated how wide each band had to be for ten bands and the diameter of each. With the glue side up, I stuck my strips together until I had this:  

It was too short so I added in two more bands. At this point, I knew the only person who would care about the extra bands would be me. 

Then, I overlapped the ends and pressed them together. I rounded the outside edges and pulled where necessary to lengthen the whole piece and make the bands more uniform.  

 It’s a funny shape so I kept heating and molding it with my fingers until I got the desired result. 

One bangle is longer than the other so I have to fix that tomorrow. I set both pieces to cool in the pullout freezer my parents have in the basement where I work which is super handy for small worbla pieces like this. 

Tomorrow, I have to fix the shorter bangle and line the inside with felt or cotton to prevent the thermoplastic from rubbing against my skin and to help hold it in place. 

I checked on the foam circles before I closed up shop and to my delight, they are slowly expanding!  


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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 480 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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summer 2014 – the aftermath

I’d apologize for not updating but my apologizes would be wasted because… well… I do this kind of thing every summer.

Anyways, here’s a brief summary of what went down this summer:

  • I attended Toycon PH 2014 as casual!Matsuoka Gou and paper boy!Ciel Phantomhive. My brother and I briefly met Jin Joson at the Warner Bros’ booth!
  • I made Sokka, Azula, Iroh, and parts of Sparky Sparky Boom Man for Tokyo in Tulsa 2014. We placed third in the skit contest!
    • Sokka was made using taeliac’s Faki-mono tutorial without sleeves. Chris made his boot covers himself!
    • Azula was a bitch who required a lot of Wonderflex molding and painting. I’m not extremely happy with how she turned out so expect a lot of modifications to her this winter!
    • Iroh was also made using taeliac’s tutorial. The hardest part was distressing red flannel for his blanket.
    • Sparky Sparky Boom Man had pants that did not fit. Just when I thought I had the art of pants making down…
  • I made a facebook account! You can add me as a friend but I encourage you to like my Page instead as I will be posting not only cosplay, but photography, music, and creative writing as well.
  • I served as a guest judge at the Tulsa Maker Faire with my fellow Portal member, Luke, and Hikaruhime of Mythos Creations. I was Haku!

This fall, I’m busy with IRL stuff but I do have the following plans for the next two months:

  • C.C.: the black lily dress from the DVD box set with Rin Hoshino as Euphemia and Savii Sunshine as Suzaku. Initially, I just wanted to take photos of Rin and Savii, but one thing led to another and now I’ve got to convince Sarah she secretly wants to be Lelouch again.
  • Lucy Heartfilia: I’m doing her Heart Kreuz outfit for Halloween! Sarah will be joining me as Leo and one of my friends from school wants to be Gray.
  • Ruby Rose: I’m torn between doing her Vol. 1 or alternate clothing. Kira will be Blake for Tulsa Comic Con

I’m off to go to the store and scope out the sales and buy muslin to make mock-ups of C.C.’s dress!

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c.c. | day one



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this room filled with fabric

As I was washing Allegretto yesterday, the most horrific thing happened. The dye reacted with the laundry detergent I used to handwash my costume. It washed out the dye and created dark splotches of color.

I have no idea how it happened, since it’s been a year and a half since I first dyed the fabric. Now I have to remake the whole thing and I’m going to do it because Allegretto is one of my favorites and my pride.

Since I already know what I’m doing, I’m going to hold off on that until the end of the month so I can organize the rest of my belongings. I’m moving into my apartment for graduate school next week and while I’m maintaining my room in my parents’ house, I need to split my resources between here and there since they’re in two different cities.

I know I have to bring all the stuff for Vanellope’s wig and leggings with me to place the final touches on her for Izumicon. I know I also need to bring the stuff for Lizzy and Ciel. Finally, I’ll bring the items needed for a Jack Frost cosplay, since I’m in the middle of repainting his hoodie anyways.

Hm. Maybe that’s too much stuff. I will be having a full course load and teaching a lab on top of that so maybe that’s not such a good idea.

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