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waterless sea

I have a tumblr dedicated specifically to my cosplay progress! WordPress was my go-to for the past five years, but I once again ran into the same problem I did when I first started it. It is exceedingly difficult to build a following on WordPress and to answer questions in a timely fashion.

So instead, I turned to my favorite blogging platform! You can still follow my personal tumblog if you’d like, but everyone knows I fail at tagging things so to help narrow your search, visit http://waterless-sea.tumblr.com

I will still keep WordPress as my cosplay index so don’t forget to bookmark that one as well! All of my posts to date will still stay on WP [mainly because it’s way too much trouble to import them all] but any future progress notes and photos will be on tumblr.

I always meant to write con reports and never actually got around to it [I always did Portal’s though] so it’s my goal in 2016 to write them. I will post those, any product reviews, and tutorials on WordPress, and a short preview and link to the site on tumblr.

As I said in the “about me” section of waterless sea:

I’m constantly looking for ways to improve and even reinvent myself.

So I’ve decided it’s time for me to reorganize. WordPress is best for my “cosplay guides”–detailed descriptions on each of the cosplays I’ve made. My personal tumblr is just that–personal. And the million of cosplay social media accounts I have–well, that’s to keep on top of the game, ne?

So why the name “waterless sea?” It is the title of the second book in a beautiful fantasy trilogy by Kate Constable. Read it and you’ll understand why I thought it fitting for my latest rebirth.

The Waterless Sea is ultimately a tale of arrogance and loss. Despite that, it is also a story of rebirth and reformation. Every thing I have ever done up until now has had some kind of purpose and I’m on a mission to find out what it is.

Sometimes, we need to reinvent ourselves to find out who we really are.

This is my reinvention.


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